Menu Activity Tracking missing in System Settings

Hello, I received my new Approach S40 yesterday and I was eager to check all the settings. Now I have two questions.

1) In the System Settings there should be a menu "Avtivity Tracking", that allows you to enable activity tracking, move alerts, and goal alerts. Strange, but this menu is missing on my S40 (see picture). OM says the menu should be between "Backlight" and "Manage Widget" and at my wife´s S40 that´s where it shows.

Deleting Data and Resetting Settings didn´t work to bring that menu back. Software version is 3.10. Did anyone have the same issue and could solve the problem?

2) The only way that works to pair the S40 again with my smartphone after I turned off bluetooth ist to switch on bluetooth AND GPS on my smartphone again and then start either Garmin Golf App or Garmin Connect App. 

Is this the same for any other users? Why is GPS on the smarthone needed to pair with the S40?

Thanx ahead for your support. Greetings HD