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Garmin Express wont run on PC

I have today tried to install and run Garmin Express on my laptop. It is an Asus i7, 64 bit processor with 8gb ram running Windows 8.1. The software completes installation ok and creates the shortcut on my desktop screen. I try to run it and it asks me if I want to let the software run, then nothing. No error message no activity, nothing.

I looked on the garmin website for any help on this and there were several suggestions all of which I've tried to no avail. Anyone any more suggestions,

  • Please use the steps in this Support Center article for Windows 8 - Full Uninstall of Garmin Express/Garmin Express Fails to Uninstall and please be sure to work through both FAQ's under "These troubleshooting steps are for advanced users if the above does not work."

    Use both the Microsoft Fix It tool and work through the registry based steps if you feel comfortable working at that level on your computer. Please note, you may need to involve a profession PC technician to resolve your Windows issues.

    When you are not able to properly launch a program in Windows, it is a deeper issue. Often registry based or a current or past removed virus/malware that caused a negative impact on your Windows operating system.