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I have two Approach S20, one registered under me and the other registered under my wife.They both record my score after a round.How can I fix this so that each of our Approach S20 records our own individual scores?

Approach S20

  • The issue you are experiencing will happen when devices get crossed on more than one Garmin Connect account.

    Please do the following:

    - Sign out of all Garmin APPS that you have installed on your smartphones and remove your Approach S20s out of Garmin Express on the computers you use to update them.

    - Go to Garmin Connect online and check what devices show on each your accounts by selecting the watch icon on the top right. You can compare serial numbers under Device Settings if unsure which watch should be on each account. If either of your Approach S20s show on the wrong Garmin Connect account, use 'Remove Device' on your Garmin Connect account - Remove a device from Garmin Connect.)

    - You now have the wrong devices removed from your APPS and Garmin Connect

    - Add your devices back into Garmin Express, being careful to sign-in to the correct email for your Garmin Connect account, for your Approach S20

    - On our smartphone, sign-in to the same email that matches what you used on Garmin Express

    If it need assistance being walked through this process over the phone, we will gladly assist further. Please call our Golf Product Support team.