Graphics for rounds in "Garmin Golf / Scorecards" are not appearing... Sync with my S20 seems to work.

I also have the problem where the hole-by-hole graphics (with shots) no longer appear on my Samsung Tablet.  The only display I am able to see within Scorecards is: 1) a list of rounds, and 2) a simple scorecard when I select a round. Also when looking at the scorecard for a single round, if I select "Scorecard Settings" nothing happens.  I have the S20 Watch, a Samsung Tab S, and  Samsung Tab S5e.  My S20 was just updated and has the software version   "v. 4.70".  The app does not work correctly on either tablet.  The Tab S has Android version 6.0.1.  The Tab S5e has Android version 9.

A friend of mine who also has the Tab S is also experiencing the same problem.  Though he says the app does work on his Samsung phone (which is pretty old). 

Let me know if you need any additional information.