iPad/Tablet native app?


With the R10 coming and Home Tee Hero being a massive feature,  is the Garmin Golf app going to update to be iPad/Tablet native?   (and just not the phone app enlarged)

It would be great to have access to a native bigger screen in landscape mode for Home Tee Hero etc 

  • I’ve ordered one and want landscape capability for iPad. Thanks!

  • I have pre ordered and agree this is a top priority. Think about it from the perspective of total cost of ownership vs competitors if I want to run a simulator. 

    If I get skytrak ($2000)  I'm paying $150/year for game improvement plan and upfront cost for TGC2019 of $800. 5 year cost $3550. 

    If I get mevo+ ($2000) there's no set fee, but I have option of TGC for $800 or E6 $300/y. I get the limited E6 for free on iOS only. 5 year cost $2800 for TGC or $3500 for E6. 

    If I get r10 ($600) I can run limited E6 for free (iOS only), pay $300/y for E6 basic or pay $10/m for home tee hero. The big compromise with home tee hero is that it's projecting in portrait which wastes majority of the screen. 5 Year cost $1100 W/home tee hero. 

    If home tee hero runs on landscape 

    1. It's the cheapest option for projected screen by a mile

    2. Its the only option for people without iOS device or a dedicated Golf Sim PC 

    3. It has the most courses of any option 

    4. It means 100% of customer spend is with Garmin instead of you splitting with E6 (assuming you get some kickback from r10 users who subscribe to E6)

    It means the only trade off using r10 W/home tee hero is graphics quality but the saving is $1700 over 5 years. Makes the purchase of r10 a no brainer and makes the home tee hero subscription substantially more attractive which you make more margin on vs people using E6. I don't see how this isn't enormously beneficial for customers and Garmin and its surely not that complex. Brining down the price of entry expands the market so drives volume too. 

  • Landscape mode is a must. A lot of us folks are going to hook our devices up to a TV or a projector.

  • iPads need the app to be in landscape mode. 
    Hope this feature will be added. 

  • Landscape mode on Home Tee Hero and the ability to cast to a display would be huge.  We need to have the phone/ipad nearby to aim but playing a round with friends needs to be viewable on a projector or TV. 

  • Hi, I think landscape mode is a mus as well for the app. The way garmin golf looks on the ipad is rather archaic. no auto-fill screen and no landscape. Been a garmin customer for some time and have an R10 on pre-order

  • Absolutely agree 100%. The enlarged phone screen in portrait mode is dated and represents a wasted opportunity. I upgraded to a new iPad Pro hoping that the golf app might have had the functionality to run in landscape in the bigger screen - fingers crossed this can be realised in the near future…

  • Yes yes yes - please make this happen Garmin!

  • 100% agree this needs to be a feature.  I actually really like the graphical style of Home Tee Hero and would love to pay a long term subscription for it.  E6 is nice but my preference is definitely HTH.  iPad version with landscape option would absolutely get me to get that subscription.  I have faith in you Garmin!

  • Just hooked up the phone to the projector and the simulator function is not a good experience In portrait mode - it really needs to have landscape orientation enabled if it is to be useable as a projected simulator. Please make this available!