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  • How to Change Activity?

    When I first turned on my Instict today, a press of the GPS button would bring up a big long list of activities. At some point I selected the walk option, and now I have various options for navigate etc.etc.

    But I cannot figure out for the life of me, how I can get back that list of activities!

    Now when I press the GPS button it brings up a different menu with the navigate option, and the big long list of sports has vanished!

    For added clarity I'm attaching a photo of the menu I am trying to find again. It's a big long list of activities and you can add a checkmark to one of them?
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    Have you looked at P2 of the manual? -


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      Hey all,
      As it is my first post I would like to welcome everybody.
      Danieljames did you manage to solve your problem? Has exactly the same issue and couldn't find any answear in the manual...


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        When you press the GPS button, press MENU/up until you see Add (+), just past your first Favorite. Of course you can press ABC/down and go to the end to also find Add (+).

        Here you can copy an Activity or Add one you currently don't have in your Favorites list.


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          Ok but I want to have such an animation as it was for the first time everytime I push GPS button...


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            Hello Koowall,

            The first time it brings up the list the intent is for you to select all the activity types you might use the watch for so that it is customized to you. However, you can continue to follow the steps mentioned by hogmemberisold to add as many of the activities as you would like to the list.