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  • Garmin fenix watch

    Garmin is releasing a new GPS watch called fenix. It is approaching my dream watch with all function I can expect.

    It has a protrek watch function + GPS functions :;...CCE?pID=107272

    However, it could be great to have this :

    - Having a metal band instead of plastic band (like protrek titanium band)

    - having solar cells for the watch to enable recharging the watch for basic functions.

    - in watch mode having more informations than just the hour (without seconds) and the date. It should be great to customize the watch mode to have for exemple the weather trend, hour, seconds, date, moon phases, better date for fishing and hunting, in order to have maximum information on the "home screen".

    -Give the possibility to replace battery when it ise dead in order to psycholgicaly not having the impress that we are buying a watch that will die when the battery will die.

    - Having more colours on the LCD screen to relief information (like casio with its PRW2500T)

    - Having glonass compatibility ? (not mentionned)

    With all these improvement, this watch will be the better one in the world !!!!

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    I forgot to tell that resolution of this watch is too bad (70x70), less than my 310XT.

    I think for the price, it is better to go for an etrex 30.

    Hope next generation of this fenix watch will be improved...


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      Except that the Etrex will look kinda funny mounted on your wrist.


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        Originally posted by KORCZAK View Post
        Except that the Etrex will look kinda funny mounted on your wrist.
        Yes you're right ;-) I think Garmin is near doing the best watch ever if it could be solar (in order not charging all time your watch since most of the time you will use it as a watch) and having Glonass capacity to use it as an urban GPS.

        Hope Garmin will hear us...


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          Cool watch.

          How many different views are possible. The Ambit can 8 or 9 different, an the 305 only 3. I would like to see several datas.