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Swimming with 5X and Mio Link - no heart data in GC

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    Got it. Thanks again!


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      I just had a swim session with the F5X yesterday linked with a Mio Fuse for HR.

      As expected, I could see the HR on the watch but it was not recorded.

      However, the HR was recorded in the Open Water mode and I can see the data in GC now. I am new to the activity tracker world so it may take a while but I will try to see if it is possible to export the data from the Fuse and merge with the F5X file or something like this.

      If anybody tried this before, please let me if this is possible and if yes how...


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        I have written a simple data field to overcome this problem. I only have a Garmin Epix, which does not support writing into the FIT file by external applications, so I could not test it. I hope that it solves your problem. You just have to add this data field to your swimming activity and it writes HR data into the FIT file during the whole session.
        Give it a try, and let me know if it solves the problem:
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