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    Hello All,

    As a new F5x owner and a retired Marine, I'm trying to get the most from my F5x while incorporating all of that into a manageable fitness program. When I was in the Marines, I would run day after day and mile after mile, unfortunately those days took a toll and I'm simply no longer able to maintain that level of activity. However, I am speed walking and mixing in jogging during my 4-5 mile jaunts (3-4 times a week). When I first got my F5x I logged my exercise under the "Walk" activity. Last week I did the same exercise, but logged it under the "Run" activity and WOW, a ton more data! Than I went back to using the "Walk" activity, however, since switching back my VO2 Max data (and other metrics) is showing my condition as declining, which I understand, since I'm telling my F5x that I'm Walking vs Running (have read the manual (PDF)).

    I'm also editing my exercise details in the Connect App and changing my exercise from Walking to Speed Walking. Will this change the Subject Heading measurements, or is this just for my viewing and memorial remembering? My big question is this: Which Activity should I use, since I'm Speed Walking with intermittent Jogging = WALKING, RUNNING? I've also read a couple of postings suggesting to use the "Hike" activity. Thoughts on that one?

    So in summation, I'm just trying to get the most out of my exercise and my F5x. Any and all assistance is appreciated and Thanks in advance!
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    Gunny8511 The Garmin watches are a bit picky when it comes to setting VO2 Max - you get VO2 for runnning but not for Trail Running for instance - the logic being that trails are harder and therefore would skew your VO2 downwards. I run all my runs whether trail or road on Run - that way I get an ongoing measure of VO2 max which may not be absolutely accurate but is a reliable measure of how my fitness is trending over time.

    If you are mixing Jogging and walking I would tend to use the running activity as I think that will give you all the metrics that you might need - if you use walk then you won't get VO2.

    I can't see any advantage in using the Hike activity as I think that will limit the data you get back.

    Good luck!


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      In your case I would use Run. The VO2max values might not be accurate compared to the definition of VO2max, but as JSRUNNER_ says, it helps you identify your fitness level trends over time.

      You will get Training Load regardless of which activity type you use, however using something other that Run will result not only in missing VO2max but also missing Training Status. (VO2max is the main input to Fitness, which again is input to Training Status).

      Regarding Hike, I don't think that one is any different from Walk in terms of data recording apart from "labelling"/categorizing. Changing activity types afterwards in GC/GCM will not add any more data to the already recorded activity either.
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        JSRUNNER_ & SAHO, thanks for the great feedback! I’ll follow your advice and change previous jogging from Walk to Run and use Run from this point forward. Thanks again and happy 2019????
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          Your welcome!
          Please note that I have edited my post above sligthly regarding Training Effect.

          The main input to Training Effect is not VO2max as I wrongly said first, but pulse and duration is. Therefore to get the most precise Training Effect it's important to have your Pulse Zones set correctly which means you also would need a correct setting for HRmax. VO2max is also greatly affected by HRmax, so in other words it's all "depending" on eachother.