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  • Garmin Filesystem Layout

    Topic for some of the more advance users I suspect. Sometimes I wonder if (like mobile phones or PC) garmin can get sloppy with file cleanup. And that leads to update failures.
    Given my inability to update maps via garmin express, and my inability to update to GPS FW v2.30 via any means I am aware of. I started to look around the \Garmin files and folders on my 5x.

    I see what look like "map" files in the root directory. That seems odd to me. Common?
    What is a .gma file?
    in the REMOTESW directory there is both an EPO.bin (typically firmware) but also a gup1621.gcd and a gup2957.gcd Should there be multiple files there?

    Are are the essential files and directories (aside from activities).
    For example, were are all my custom settings? If I were to factory reset the watch, is there are hard core way to restore those settings?

    I really just want the watch to update normally, and to get that new GPS versio, but I do not want to hard/factory reset.

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    EPO.bin is the pre-cached GPS data (Sattelite positions) for a faster GPS fix.
    gup*.gcd are updates for sub GPS receiver, bluetooth stack, HR sensor, etc. So yes, multiple files are OK.

    the FW update itself is located directly in the /Garmin folder named GUPDATE.gcd
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      Yep, it's normal to have map files in the top of the Garmin directory. I thought that odd too, but that's where you put 'em. Net-wisdom informs me that the .gma file is used to authenticate the map files. (so maybe your problem could involve leftover or damaged .gma files)


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        Regarding the maps within the root directory. When I connect to garmin express it says that there are 4 updates available (3 can ge seen in the screen shot. 4th is Coverage of Pacific)
        Do folks know if maps are upgrades or a delete/new type of operations. I'm wondering if I could delete some of the maps in the root directory, and maybe then these maps will update


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          After a successful update you shouldn't see GCD files anymore in the REMOTESW folder. They will be removed by the update process.

          gup2957.gcd is a GPS version 2.2x, gup1621.gcd probably a GPS version 4.4x. This version is older then the 2.2x !

          Probably it works if you delete the 1621 file. If not try to initiate the update manually by selecting "Settings" – "System" – "Software Update".

          I have GPS Version 2.30 on my watch, but I don't know how I or the watch made it . Probably over GE