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New running Coach Feature not available on Fenix

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  • New running Coach Feature not available on Fenix


    i received an email from Garmin which mentioned a new Running Coach feature.
    It's named Garmin Coach to run a 5k.

    Unfortunately it seems that this feature is only available for a few devices:
    vívoactive 3-Serie, Forerunner® 645, Forerunner 645 Music, Forerunner 935.

    ??????why isn't this available for Fenix Series?

    - P

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    See below from web. Coming soon.

    If you own a watch from the Vivoactive 3 series, Forerunner 645, Forerunner 645 Music and Forerunner 935 the service is accessible through the Training tab. Fenix 5 series compatibility is set to land soon.


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      Yes, it's "coming soon"

      My guess would be the next production FW update for the f5 and the f5 plus devices.
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        Would love to see the plans for 100kn and 100 miles...

        Seriously, there are so many training plans out there for each and every distance and level / target time. Why to use the most generic plans from garmin?
        What I am hoping for is an easier way to create trainings via a spreadsheet (from a custom plan) and add them to the schedule for syncing them to the watch.
        Current plan is 8 weeks long with 5 runs per week. It took a lot of time to add all 40 sessions into the libraray and then schedule them in the calendar.


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          not for nothing as I didn't test it out but I was able to add a 5k coach on my desktop app.


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            SvnKswttr yes a feature to upload from a spreadsheet into a plan would be great as you can then reschedule a plan rather than moving individual workouts one by one.

            I am currently using the new 5K plan as my running is somewhat lapsed and I tink it will work quite well for less experienced runners as it actually gives feedback on your progress etc. I'll be interested to see what happens as I get further into it - i.e. what happens if I regularly exceed the target zones - do they get adjusted etc


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              I use Train As One


              There is a App for Fenix 5 that auto download's the training plan. Basic plan is free to use.

              You can set multiple goals (paid version) and then it paces you to each goal. (Free version is only 1 goal at the time)

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                Garmin coach seems to have arrived for the Fenix5+.
                Set it up last night in Connect Mobile, chose my coach and goal, and it has synced to the watch automatically creating a new widget screen.
                i have my “benchmark run” today.

                I expect that this coaching will not be much use to most Fenix 5 owners. It is limited to 5k and the fastest goal you can set is 25min.
                But new features are always welcome.


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                  its arrived for my fenix 5x as well......
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                    I'm in to week 4 of Garmin coach on my 5x.


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                      Peter0004: I believe many people have just an expensive watch and they don't do any sport, just want to ) Really, a training plan for 5 km at 5:00/km is useless.