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  • Software Version 6.00 Problems list

    I would like to collect problem what we have in new version 6.0 on the f5x+
    What i observed:
    1) sleep pulse OX not works, but after few days works but for me only from 00.00 to 04.00 at night it means not all time when i sleep

    2) LTHR long time i didin't see update but today after running 10km and pulse 175 Garmin Fenix ask me if I would like to update pulse 172 and speed 5:16, online,mobile is visible looks ok BUT in the watch fenix 5x+ show me LTHR from today 5:22 and pulse 172 these old information.

    3) GPS+ gallileo i don't complain yet after update hardrestart and configuration what garmin suggest to put on the window 20 minutes and start run without change position watch.

    4) Battery is perfect ONLY if you wil turn off pulse OX all day. From my experience :
    IF pulse OX works all days + bluetooth with phone always on +GPS+galileo and running every day 1h battery stay only =4Days
    IF configuration the same only turn of OX pulse more than 6 days now ( not yet complete test)

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    Include this as well, if you wish:


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      please put also: radar icon Varia RTL510 is missing

      I've reported the issue in beta 5.57 and 5.58 also.
      James from Garmin Team contacted me on email for additional info, which I provided also.

      thank you,