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Spikes in speed/pace from Foot POD

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  • Spikes in speed/pace from Foot POD

    I have experienced 'spikes' in speed/pace date when using my foot POD on a treadmill. I have replaced the POD battery so that is all good. I have attached the fit file. Initially the speed seemed to be fine and then it jumped up to around 2min/km which is not correct. It would stay at this speed regardless of whether I was actually running or not.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have restarted watch, removed and reinserted battery. Anything else I should try?

    Thank you.
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    RoryCarter, would be nice of you to tell us about the outcome of your previous question...

    fenix-5-5s-plus foot-pod-drop-outs-in-gym-with-fenix-5+

    forerunner-935-aa -foot-pod-hrm-run-drop-outs-in-gym

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      OnlyTwo I haven't experienced the drop outs anymore with either the foot POD or the HRM-tri. These are behaving themselves quite nicely now. Why? I am not entirely sure. For the odd occasion when there looks to be a drop, then I have restarted the Fenix 5 and connection is then stable.

      The new issue I am experiencing with just the POD now, is the increased reported speed/pace which just appears to remain increased, around approx. 1:55 - 2:00min/km. There is a new battery in the POD and also tried restarting the watch with now luck.

      In the attached graphs there are what appear to be 'micro drops'. These I don't actually see when running as the pace doesn't appear to change. The increased pace reading however is an issue as the distance then increases accordingly.

      Is this an existing issues? Apologies if this already covered in another post.


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        Did you replace the battery before or after you started getting the jumps in pace? I would suggest you remove the battery, clean the contacts with rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip, make sure the battery contacts aren't flattened, apply mineral oil to the battery contacts, and then reinstall the battery. You could have some fretting or a bad connection to the battery that is causing momentary resets of the pod while running.


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          Browner40 I do use the same POD outdoors as well with no issues. It has been suggested previously that inside a gym where are many electronics tv connected wifi, all potentially using the same 2.4 Ghz frequency, my cause disruptions. As mentioned previously, this was intermittent with drops to my HRM and POD (both seeming to drop connection). This has subsequently resolved itself somehow (perhaps gym wifi has changed?). The issue now is pace/speed jumps up to 1:55 min/km and stays there.


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            RoryCarter, again common denominator is the Gymn

            how did you setup your footpod in the calibration ?
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              RoryCarter, had a look at the FIT file

              no ANT+ reception % saved at the start of your workout
              ANT+ reception % at the end of the workout was 58%.....not that good

              during your workout footpod data is lost multiple times after which speed is coming from your watch for a few seconds (speed is zero or complete absend)

              blame it on bad reception and the note that you have a new watch with unmature firmware that could cause such behavior (high pace)(or auto calibration)

              Contact Garmin Support by phone and explain your mishap (again )
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                If the footpod has a loose connection that is causing it to reset, you would not notice it on an outside run unless you have pace + distance outside set to always use the footpod data. Even then, I believe it will automatically use GPS data to fill missing data from the footpod dropping off and therefore you would not see any difference unless you are doing intervals where your pace changes quickly or you have poor GPS reception.