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sensor dropouts on fw 6.0?

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  • sensor dropouts on fw 6.0?

    Hey all,

    Anyone else having issues with sensor dropouts on the newest firmware? Since upgrading to 6.0, my Wahoo speed/cadence will cut out at random during rides (both indoor on the trainer and outside). It's ranged from once every 45 minutes to a couple times a minute. Tried it rebooting watch. HRM still works fine and stays connected. Trying to see if it's the sensors (which worked fine before the update with no drops ever) or the firmware.

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    Both my Fenix 5+ and my SO's 5S+ have had issues with our HRM-Runs not being picked up at the start of an activity, generally resolved by rebooting the watch. Haven't tried using cycling sensors on our F5s yet though, mostly been keeping that a separate barrel of fun with E820s.

    From my experience constantly pestering the Edge team, there's probably an ANT logging/diagnostics option on the Fenix - ask Support how to enable ANT logging, then do that and send the logs in on a case. Then chase it for two months : )


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      Same here: I experienced more than once that my fenix 5+ does not pick up my HRM-Run. Rebooting the fenix 5+ solves the problem. But I have no drop outs during activities...


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        Mikuonen are you running a ConnectIQ watchface or happen to mess with the HR widget between activities? My SO has repeated problems with her HRM-Run if she does a back-to-back Cardio activity in particular, but seems like it applies to any back to backs under more random cases.

        I've been able to slightly reproduce the issue by opening an activity, getting the "External HR Connected" message, then dropping back into my HR widget (or connecting to the watch through GCM) - the OHR sensor turns off (visibly), and it seems to pull the ADHR data from the strap. When I go to open another activity, it barfs and seems to switch back to OHR. I then have to reboot the watch to get external HR to show up again - otherwise it's burpees at 86 bpm for me!

        Complicating this is that "External HR Connected" only appears for the *first* time you connect the strap, and the heart icon isn't different between OHR and a HRM strap. That'd also alleviate part of this problem, which is not knowing if it's sourcing from the right place when HR < 120 bpm.

        I need to ask Support what the ANT debugging mode is - wish they patrolled these forums more, there's not a huge amount of content here but a wealth of people whinging about relevant issues!


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          I am not using a ConnectIQ watchface and my HR widget is deactivated, so is my optical HR sensor. For me the problem occured mostly when I first started an activity after the watch was connected to my PC.


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            I’m on 6.0 and have just started having issues with both my running pod and HRM strap. Probably not a coincidence.


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              Might be a coincidence that both batteries are less than optimal?


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                Now that all of you mention this, I do see some dropouts in the heart rate graph on my recent strength training sessions when the chest strap was used. My last workout has about six several second drops. I don't believe it's a firmware 6.0 problem as it has began about 3 weeks ago and the first workout to show a problem has 1 drop with each successive workout usually having more drops. Hopefully, washing the chest strap fixes the problem and it's not the beginning of the ANT+ chip or chest strap failing.


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                  For info:
                  Just synced my watch with Garmin Express and got a "silent" ANT/BLE/BT FW update to version 3.30. It might solve your issues.

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