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Approach S60 - 6.00 Beta Release

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  • Approach S60 - 6.00 Beta Release

    Hello S60 users,

    We have new beta software ready for your upcoming golf rounds! Please visit the link below to access the download as well as installation instructions.

    Note: Please allow for the updates to propagate across all servers. There is no need to post that the link does not work. It will after a bit of patience.

    6.00 Change Log Notes:
    • Added layup dots to golf course map display.
    • Added support for Penalties statistic.
    • Added support for CIQ 2.4.6.
    • Added support for setting Handicap values up to 54.
    • Improved automatic hole transition handling for unique hole-to-hole layouts.
    • Improved visibility of GPS acquisition progress bar on activity start page.
    • Fixed issue with Gesture setting not being remembered properly between device power cycles.
    • Fixed pairing issues with Huawei phones.
    • Fixed possible issue with ANT sensor pairing.
    • Fixed possible issue with Controls Menu edit selection list.

    Please send all bug reports to [email protected], and indicate which Approach model you have in the subject line.

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    Thanks for publishing this beta! Installation on my S60 worked as described ... no problems!

    I will test it this evening!

    Update 2018-07-13:
    Yesterday evening I played a round so I could test some of the new functions. Registration of penalties is a very good help in the registration of shots.
    What I miss is a function that I can store my position before a shot, e.g. a double-tick on the screen of the S60, because a lot of shots are not beeing recognized.
    In general: no problems at moment.

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      Followed the instruction - does not work on S60 APAC Premium.


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        It's not for the APAC version
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        Previously owned Etrex Legend H, Mio Navman and used Mapsource
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          I loaded it and ran a quick golf activity test. Quick question, can you see the penalty strokes on Garmin Connect yet?


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            There is an issue with CIQ app using the Toybox.Sys.getDeviceSettings().uniqueIdentifier.
            It returns a null when called from the main thread, but works from a background thread.

            With prior version 4.20, this returned a different value for the main thread, but the same one as for 6.00 from the background thread.
            The value retrieved in the background thread is correct.
            Even though the value in the main thread for FW 4.20 was also incorrect, the null value means there is still something wrong.

            I have reported this to the ConnectIQ team.
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              Another issue I experience with the Approach S60 is that when a watch face is displayed, and you open the Connect App, the watch face gets reloaded silently. It can be observed in a log file by println statements to show the functions being called in the lifecycle of the watch face.
              This messes internally with application logic. I have compared with other devices and neither have this incorrect behaviour.
              Who should this be reported to? Connect App? ConnectIQ?
              It is not v6.00 specific, it also happened on 4.20.
              My Connect IQ apps
              I only run so I can wear a Garmin!


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                Originally posted by LarryAbel View Post
                I loaded it and ran a quick golf activity test. Quick question, can you see the penalty strokes on Garmin Connect yet?
                Hi LarryAbel,

                Currently, this is displayed under Performance Stats, where we show average number of penalties per 18 holes. Display of Penalty stats in other forms may be expanded in the future.

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                  Thanks odsweng! I wish it were also on the scorecard. Thanks again for the response.