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CT10 - Will Gamrin add support for Fenix 5?

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  • CT10 - Will Gamrin add support for Fenix 5?

    I know the CT10 Automatic Club Tracking System is only supported on the Garmin golf watches - Approach S20 and the S60. But, as an owner of the Fenix 5 it would be great to have more Golf support. Does the S60 or even the S20 actually have any capabilities that the Fenix 5 range of watches doesn't have?

    I would love to see some of the S60's extra functionalities on my Fenix 5, such as automatic game tracking. More data on my individual clubs and my performance would be very welcome too. So far it seems as the Golf functionality on the Fenix 5 is just a spotty, pared down version of the S60 - Currently shot tracking is inconsistent and the GPS isn't terribly accurate.

    But, as I've already forked out for the F5 and I'd like to buy the CT10 ($299.99), I don't really want to be in a position where I have to buy the S60 ($399.99) or even the S20 ($199.99) as well!

    It would be cheaper to buy alternative club tracking systems like Golf Pad, or Game Golf Live, or Arrcos, or ClubHub!

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    Come on Garmin 88 views here and a lot of us with the Fenix 5 just want to know if we can plan on the ct10 being compatible and when? Thank you


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      Mmm, is GARMIN watching these forums actually ? Cheers


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        Please update this feature for us Garmin, why always so slow with golf features on the Fenix 5. I payed a lot too for my watch


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          +1. Come on Garmin, we all know these watches can do pay €800 for a watch and some features are left off. Very frustrating.


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            Maybe it is because the title says Gamrin instead of GARMIN

            Come on Garmin


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              There are some words in this thread about CT10 and other devices.. I'm afraid it won't for the short term looking at what more "could be compatible" and isn't right now. But hoping is never wrong :-)



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                I have been looking at the CT10 too. It does seem to be a somewhat bizarre situation to be in, owning a Fenix 5, that you would need to buy another Garmin watch to run it? There must be countless people who would buy CT10, but instead will be buying Arccos and running their app alongside Garmin golf. The F5 watch must be capable and just require a software update, so Garmin will just be losing out on substantial sales, despite having the capabilities, as the OP pointed out?


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                  +1 here. Fenix 5x owner. Would buy the CT10 yesterday if it were compatible. Guess I'll have to go with ARCCOS for the same price as CT10 but won't have to buy a new watch.


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                    If it helps, and anybody is still interested I suggest you fill out the feature request form. If there is enough interest they'll consider it. This was their response to me:

                    I would be happy to assist you. As of now the CT10 is only compatible with two of our Approach model devices. It is possible it could come as a future update, if customers request the feature then it is more likely to be implemented. Submitting an Idea to Garmin. If you have any other questions please let us know.


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                      Last Beta 12.83 for Fenix 5, 5s and 5X include support for CT10 sensors. I confirm, autoshot work well with CT10. Great feature.



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                        Originally posted by S.R.P.ik View Post
                        Last Beta 12.83 for Fenix 5, 5s and 5X include support for CT10 sensors. I confirm, autoshot work well with CT10. Great feature.

                        That's great news for the F5. Will Garmin release this to F5+ ?