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Garmin Explore deleted all my Saved Locations from my watch

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  • Garmin Explore deleted all my Saved Locations from my watch

    I installed Garmin Explore 1.2 IOS on my phone and synced it to the watch. My Saved Locations turned up in the Explore app as Waypoints. Good.

    I then created a new waypoint, synced to the watch once again, and started navigation on the watch. Only to find out that neither the old waypoints or the new waypoint were on the watch. It said that I had no Saved Locations!

    Turning off the watch, turning it on and syncing again made no difference.

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    Same here..
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      That must have been awful to loose all your Saved locations......I would be devastated as I have hundreds and is the main core of the watch for me....
      Thanks for the heads up...
      Have you got an old file saved in Basecamp you could upload to your watch?
      That's the only way to get them back on my 5x I know of....on the fenix 3hr I could simply drag and drop the need for a third program.
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        Are the Waypoints in the Library on the Explore app? If so all is not lost. Create a new Collection in the Explore app, give it a name and tell the Explore app to only sync that collection with your device (under the device settings in Explore app). Sync your watch with Explore. You can then transfer the Waypoints from the Library in the Explore app to the Collection your watch syncs with and they should transfer over to the watch on next sync.

        The Explore ecosystem deals with Saved Locations, Tracks and Routes in a similar(ish) way that iTunes does with music. The Library is everything stored in Explore (app and website) with Collections being the ‘Playlist’ you use to limit what syncs to a particular device (you don’t always want the whole library to sync to every device). What is different is that new Saved Locations and Courses in the watch will sync over to both your Collection and the Library in Explore; you then choose of these new Waypoints or Tracks should also be in the collections for other devices you have.


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          Thank you Crispin. It worked.

          But this could be handled better by Garmin. Explore had already made a default collection, called "My Collection". This collection is being synced to the watch. But none of the waypoints in the library which were sucked from the watch, were added to this collection by default.

          I get it that when handling multiple devices, you may not want all waypoints from all devices being added to the same default collection so they are then synced back to all devices - which might create an even bigger mess. But there is another way it could be handled:
          • Every time a new device is paired to Explore, a new collection is created in Explore. This is the collection which will be kept automatically synced with the device in the future until the user chooses otherwise.
          • All existing waypoints from the device are added to the library in Explore, as they are now, but from there they are also added/linked/tagged/whatever to the device specific collection.
          That's it! Now, when a user connects a new device to Explore, nothing changes from the user's viewpoint. But he still has all the power of synchronising waypoints at his disposal.

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            Anyway, after passing this bump in the road, it seems to work very nicely.

            I have used my 5X+ a lot for navigating in cities, by foot and on bike. The road navigation works well (the bug in beta 5.1 and 5.53 aside), but to input a destination could be quite cumbersome. Now I can just find the destination on my phone, create a waypoint, send it to the watch and ask the watch to create a route to the waypoint. And then I can put my phone in the pocket and rely on the watch. I look forward to this.

            And now I can use the full Danish alphabet in my location names. Though each Danish character seems to take up more space, so I am not allowed to use the same number of characters as before.
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              Look into the “sendpoints” IQ app. It might help you in cities or other places where google have a good handle on all sorts of locations.

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                First of all, I really like this app. It looks very promising! I have so missed the functionality of the Fenix 1 to share routes and waypoints between devices, and this is even better, between phone and device. However I can't seem to get it to work.
                Of all the waypoints on my FR935 only one synced to the collection and was deleted from the watch, and a new one created in the collection does not sync to the watch. Courses imported from my GC account do not sync to the device either.
                I tried deleting the collection, creating a new one, and reinstalling the app. Am I missing something?


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                  Not sure what you might be doing differently. Granted I've only just started looking at it, but I created a track in Basecamp (easier to do this on my iMac) which I saved to At the time only my 5+ was synced to Explore on my tablet. That track and waypoints synched seamlessly to the 5+. I then paired my 935 to the app on my mobile. The created track was transferred to the 935. However, I was more impressed with the courses being pulled off the 935 into Explore then onto my 5+. Including waypoints.


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                    Originally posted by Twinaxx View Post
                    Am I missing something?
                    You are probably all over this, but just worth checking the obvious things first; you have got the 935 configured in Explore to sync with the right Collection? I have a collection, ingeniously called “Fenix 5 Plus”, that I configured Explore to sync with my Fenix 5 Plus (see pics). Whereas my equally cunningly names “Fenix 5” collection is set to sync with my Fenix 5.


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                      Thanks for the ideas!

                      I'm suspecting the problem is with the (data on the) FR935. Explore only syncs waypoints that have been created recently on the FR935, not the waypoints that had been imported in a LOCATIONS.FIT file earlier.

                      As to tracks and routes, I can't attribute the issues I have to Explore, because syncing courses and workouts via GCM hasn't worked correctly for a while (I have to use USB filetransfer or the workaround posted here: ). Courses created yesterday in GC web and synced via GC mobile (using the workaround) also appear in Explore, as tracks, not as routes (not sure if that is the way it is supposed to be).

                      I'm also not sure if activities recorded on a watch are supposed to show up in Explore.

                      But all in all I am quite happy with this app, and for me it is functional enough as it is, so I'm not going to troubleshoot further to exclude it's the phone, account or watch itself that has to have a master reset.