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Virb360 Custom Capture App

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  • Virb360 Custom Capture App

    I am looking for any guidance that would help me write code to do some very basic things with a Garmin Virb 360.

    1. Take a 360 photo
    2. Retrieve the name of the photo just taken
    3. Rename or download the photo just take

    I am open to any programming platform that can get the job done.

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    Hi sschuch,

    there is an API, which you can use.
    You can retrieve the Picture and Video name, which are already captured and execute commands to capture. The last entry in the List is your picture.
    Setup-data and lists are exchanged via json files through webrequests.

    I began to create a solution, but it won´t transfer any preview video and I got some issues converting the json to classes, due to some crazy namings, which don´t fit to any known convention.
    If you are interested, you can take a look to the very first testing solution in C#: GitHub. But I recommend not to do it

    Good luck!
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