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Garmin Charge connectors - What's the difference?

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  • Garmin Charge connectors - What's the difference?

    I've found that Charger connectos:

    Powered Tripod Mount 010-12521-01 - 49.99 usd
    Powered Vehicle Mount 010-12521-04 - 79.99 usd
    Powered Marine Mount 010-12521-03 - 79.99 usd

    Could you advise:

    - Does it go with USB plug (all 3 models)?
    - How to provide waterproof for Powered Marine Mount?
    - What's the difference in price? (cable length and waterproof)?

    It's not clear for Garmin page - 1 image for 1 connector only :-(

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    This has been answered before:

    Specifically addressing your questions:
    • Only the tripod mount has a 5V USB plug. The Marine and Auto mounts are bare-wire for 10-30V supplies.
    • I'm not sure I understand the question. The inline connector and connection to the VIRB are both water-resistant on all 3 models. The only real consideration is to make sure that your connection to the power supply at the other end of the cable is protected from the elements.
    • All are water-resistant. The part that clips onto the camera is exactly the same for all three. The cable length is 10m on the Marine mount, 2m on the others.
    Hope that helps!


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      Thanks for comment. Have you seen full photo of Powered Tripod Mount 010-12521-01 ?
      This foto - from Marine or Whicle Mount. Am I right?
      According to prev. posts - Powered Tripod Mount goes with USB connector only.


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        In that photo, the left cable is Vehicle (2m, 10-30V). The right cable is what comes with the powered tripod kit (5V USB). The lower-middle is the powered mount, which can be used with either of the pictured cables.


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          Thanks for the answer. I want to have Powered Tripod Mount 010-12521-01. Does it meant that USB plug will not be included in this model? I want to connect Power Bank with cable.


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            Could you have a look at this screenshot ? Am I right ?


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              From what I understand:
              - the mount in the middle with the female connector is part of all 3 models
              - the right cable with male connector and usb is part of the Powered Tripod Mount (you get also a tripod mount with this model)
              - the left cable with male connector is part of the 2 other models (a 2m cable for the vehicle mount vs. a 10m cable for the marine mount)
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                coconut54 is correct. All three kits include 2 electrical components: The mount (same for all, female connector is universal) and a cable (different for each).

                The tripod mount also comes with a tripod screw (1/4" 20tpi) adapter that is not part of the vehicle/marine kits.

                So the powered tripod mount includes everything you need to connect your VIRB to a USB power bank and mount it on a standard tripod.