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G-Metrix Error (Garmin Virb XE)

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  • G-Metrix Error (Garmin Virb XE)

    I'm using Garmin Virb XE.
    Software Version: 4.30

    I just bought the product, everything works fine. But, G-Metrix data is not included in Virb Edit program and mobile application. I am showing the FIT file manually, giving a warning of file failure.

    Is my product wrong? Is it software? Please help me...

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    It works for me. Got an X and XE, which I use both excessively on a racetrack with GPS, Gyro, OBD 2 and stuff.
    Sometimes GPS is broken (Position on map does not work) but I´ve never got such a message. I´d recomment to attach your Fit-File here, so the developers can take a look.
    Devices: Forerunner 405, Vivoactive & Virb X & XE
    GitHub: Read diagnostic system via Bluetooth
    YouTube: My channel
    App: Stretch