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    Thanks Purdington, I'll try it out this weekend hopefully.


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      Originally posted by PA3FBO View Post
      This video is just to help, it's NOT to show THE way things SHOULD be done, just A way things CAN be done.

      Supplementary video for VIRB Edit 2.6.2
      This video includes:
      - Manually importing clips.
      - Converting clips to .MP4 that VIRB Edit will import.
      - Adding GPS data to a clip.
      - Synchonizing video and GPS data.

      (On YouTube:

      This video is also available in Dutch / De video is er ook in het Nederlands.
      I just wanted to say thank you for this video. It made all the difference in the world. The reference to the Any Video Converter was just what I needed. I was about to lose my mind trying to get videos converted for use with VIRB.


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        How to move default import folder?

        Haven't found any info on that, happened to stumble upon the solution accidentally.

        1. Import something, by default it imports into Video and Pictures folders in Documents and Settings folder.
        2. Move the imported files (all of them) to a folder and/or drive of your choice.
        3. Restart VIRB Edit
        4. When the program launches, it says files are missing and asks you to choose new folder. Point it to the folder and/or drive of your choosing and you are done!


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          Thanks for the tip ZAVESA! I've just managed to move my library of videos to my NAS and it works a treat!



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            removing overlays

            is there a way to take your overlays out mid video or any other times? i was hoping to be able to take out and add them at various spots in the video but anytime i try anything it takes it out of the entire video edit, even across seperate clips


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              Under the GMetrix tab on the editing page there is a check box that says "Hide overlays for this clip". You'll have to split your clip into the parts you do and don't want overlays, and then you can enable or disable them in each clip.


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                Locate OBD-II data??

                Hi there,

                I've a Garmin Virb XE connected (successfully) to a ELM-327 OBD-II bluetooth device, the same ELM-327 works with other applications to access engine data all OK, however I cannot figure out how to display the OBD data with my Virb XE videos.

                Once I've Imported a new Virb XE video into Virb Edit how do I access the OBD data? Where is it located and/or how do I display it as an overlay on my video?

                I also have a problem with units of Speed, I have set the Virb XE System->Units to Metric but the speed in the videos always displays as MPH and not KPH, how can I set this correctly?

                Thank you in advance!


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                  I have the same issue. I can't find any automotive data either.


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                    Did you select the G-Metrix Tab?
                    Then you can see all available Data, onclick it and select the matching gauges. This is more easy, then starting with the gauges, which may have no data.

                    Or take an Automobile Overlay with some stock fields. If both doesn´t show any data, I expect the ELM327 Adapter not transferring the right data to the XE.
                    Mostly this is caused by the VIRB not checking different protocols, like smartphone apps do. You can read tons about it here.
                    Devices: Forerunner 405, Vivoactive & Virb X & XE
                    GitHub: Read diagnostic system via Bluetooth
                    YouTube: My channel
                    App: Stretch