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VIRB Edit 5.1.1 is now available

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    Since I have not been able to copy & paste the details of the VIRB Edit crash here is a 'picture' of most of the data
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      Since I have tended to be negative on VIRB Edit updates - the processing time for EXPORT with 5.1.1 on my W10 Laptop is much improved over what I experienced with 4.2.3.

      We are not in phatt city yet, however.

      I have 2 VIRB Elites - one forward, one backward. In 'picture in picture' editing I cannot get both the A and B streams aligned.

      Do I need to place in VIRB Edit the view whose camera I started first? Is their any way to manipulate which view gets the full screen and which view gets the inscreen view?
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        Originally posted by CarvingFreak View Post
        Wrong jump detection at exported video

        Here another issue with the video export.

        In the VIRB Edit GUI the activity for jump detection is set as skiing. During editing and video preview with the GUI the jumps are correctly detected for skiing (jump count, jump distance, duration). The activity type seems to be correctly saved in the file 'edited_movie.xml' with the key <ActivityType>1</ActivityType>.

        However, when exporting the video to MP4 with VirbExport.exe, the jump detection is not set correctly, apparently it is set back to the default as biking. Apparently VirbExport.exe is not considering the activity type key in the movie project file.

        Well, it might seem this is not such an important issue, but when the gauges show a total jump count of (for example) 47 instead of 3 for a 6-minute video, this is at least quite strange.

        I noticed this issue at version 5.1.0 and hoped it would have been addressed at 5.1.1, but unfortunately not. Is there any plan for fixing it?
        I have also reported it to the support, but did not really get an answer.


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          I am getting artifacts in the upper edge of the video after exporting my video.. Anyone else experiencing this?
          I have tried all of the decoders, and it is also not possbile to go back to an older version and export the video from there.

          Is there a fix for this?

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            Originally posted by mmi16 View Post
            In loading Edit 5.1.1 I noticed there is a step that involves interrogating and configuring the Graphics Card - will that insure that if 5.1.1 load successfully that it can be used successfully?

            Loaded 5.1.1 to my Desktop. Still get the following when attempting to Export. Obviously with the 'set up' interrogating the Graphic card no 'Red Flags' are raised when mine is interrogated. If the Graphics Card is not 'up to snuff' for VIRB Edit's requirement, the install should be 'backed out' an the user given an error message that means something and is understandable to the 'non-geek'.

            I found a solution to the crashing, hope this helps you:


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              Still artifacts in version 5.1.2 :/


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                Originally posted by ChangGarmin View Post

                I found a solution to the crashing, hope this helps you:
                Didn't help!
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                  System log from crash from Export

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