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Basecamp - MapInstall does not install .img files correct on Garmin 650

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  • Basecamp - MapInstall does not install .img files correct on Garmin 650

    I have almost the same problem as DZ34
    Release Basecamp 4.7.0 Garmin 650 5.50
    I wanted to have a new version of my maps on Garmin 650.
    The maps are all ok on Base Camp. When I run Map Install all the maps came up in Mapinstall, and I can select for installation.
    The installation run and finish with ok.
    Al maps look ok on Garmin 650 card, I can make them active/deactive and the right map is selected, but no map details is shown on the Garmin 650 screen.
    I have also tried it on a old map (earlier installations ok), but it is still the same problem.
    When I run the map installation, I can see that MapInstall write installing indx' - it takes short time. But it takes almost no time in the end to install all the images on the map.
    When I compare the size of the the files om Basecamp and Garmin 650 the size on Garmin is too small.
    My only change is new versions on Basecamp, Mapinstall and Garmin 650.

    Anyone knows what is wrong ? and how to fix it ?

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    Your issue is different, the problem is that the latest BC and MapInstall versions don't install some maps correctly. You need to revert to BC version 4.6.2

    The alternative is to get the .img map directly from the map provider.
    Currently own Drive 50LMT-D, Nuvi 2508LMT-D, Nuvi 1490LMT, Nuvi 1310, Montana 650T, Etrex 20, and use Basecamp, OSM mapping
    Previously owned Etrex Legend H, Mio Navman and used Mapsource
    (please note that I am not employed by Garmin, but am a long term user of Garmin software and hardware)