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Basecamp - transferring a route to my Oregeon 600

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  • Basecamp - transferring a route to my Oregeon 600

    Hi, struggling with something simple here, would welcome help. USing Basecamp 4.7.0.

    I have a route which I have created from a track in Basecamp, and I have inverted the route and saved it under a different name.

    I see it under the library, in my collection. The name of the route is there. I presume this is stored on my PC somewhere.

    If I right click this file under my library, and send to device, I see the oregon 600, and the internal storage folder, so I select that and send it.

    I now go up to the top left window on the screen, see the devices line, and choose the internal storage folder in the oregon 600, and click it.

    I now in the lower left window see all the waypoints in my route, but no actual route with the route name I orgiinally chose.

    In the garmin, I choose 'navigate to' or whatever it's called on the main screen, and I can't find the route.

    I can get it to work if I choose to export to gpx, and then manually copy this to the device using windows file explorer. Is that the way I'm supposeed to do it? Shouldn't the send to method do the same thing?


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    Yes it should but clearly in your case it's not. In BC are you sure you don't have any filters set? On your device check the route hasn't been misnamed.

    You could also try dragging and dropping the route into your Oregon. That too should work.

    Having said this I'm basing my experience on many years of using BC but I didn't update to 4.7 as it has various issues. It's possible what you're seeing is due to 4.7. To prove that you'd need to revert to 4.6.2, which was the previous version.
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    (please note that I am not employed by Garmin, but am a long term user of Garmin software and hardware)


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      Ok thanks, it did seem a bit strange. No filters set. Thanks for quick reply. I'll just export to .gpx file for now and manually copy over, then try an earlier basecamp version when I have a bit more time.