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Transfer activity pages and custom multi-sport activity

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  • Transfer activity pages and custom multi-sport activity


    I've upgraded from a FR735XT to a FR935. I now want to transfer two settings:
    * activity pages, i.e., all pages shown during cycling, and the individual fields I have arranged there,
    * two custom multi-sport activities, i.e., activities where I've combined different other activities

    I don't want to enter all the adjustments again in my new FR935, because the whole setup was very tedious and time consuming.

    I already tried to copy two .fit files with promising names from the "multisport" directory on the virtual "USB stick" when plugged in the devices. However, these two .fit files were ignored and even magically removed by the FR935.

    What is the correct way to transfer these two settings to my new watch?


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    The only correct way is to do it manually. Given that those watches have slightly different datafield sets and activity type sets, the corresponding fit files might be incompatible between different watch models.
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