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Garmin 810 Power Not coming in

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  • Garmin 810 Power Not coming in

    Hey all,

    I just recently started making my own videos with data overlay. for some reason, every time that I import my .gpx file into Virb Edit software, I see all the types of data that is coming in, checked marked but Power data does not. I do user a power meter, and it shows my power just fine in Garmin connect.

    Does anybody know what the issue might be?

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    GPX files can't really contain anything other than position, elevation, and speed data. You would need to provide Virb Edit with a .fit file to get all your metrics.


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      thank you for the heads up. I looked at ways of converting the .gpx file to .fit and have not found suitable solutions. Do you know of a way to do this?


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        Your Edge 810 creates .fit log files. Just copy the relevant one off your Edge 810 and import into Virb Edit. Where are you getting the .gpx files from?
        If you are trying to export the ride data from the Garmin Connect website use the original or .tcx option.