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Importing waypoints form Google Earth & Maps

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  • Importing waypoints form Google Earth & Maps

    Google Earth is not too bad, save the place as a .kml or .kmz and convert to a gpx and drag and drop on BaseCamp. More web sites are using google maps and I find it more difficult to convert. If I plug my GPS into the usb port I can send the waypoint to the GPS but I need the waypoint in BaseCamp. I could drag it from the GPS but the added waypoints will not show until I unplug and replug the usb cable. Quitting and restarting BaseCamp will not show the newly added waypoints. Unless I am missing something, I think a reread option would be helpful. In addition, if basecamp was running would it be possible to send google maps waypoints to BaseCamp using the Garmin plugin?

    Does anyone on the forum have an easier way to transfer from Google maps. Thanks