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Swim Workout on Garmin 935 not working as expected

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  • Swim Workout on Garmin 935 not working as expected

    Have just ventured into swim workouts on the 935 and just wondering if I am setting up correctly

    I created

    400M Warmup - duration 400M
    16 x 25M Steps - Duration 25M - 1 length breathing to left and 1 to right
    400M Cool Down - Duration 400M

    What I had expected was for the watch to mark an interval after the 400M Warm up then for every length subsequent

    It did buzz at the end of the first 400M but not then for each 25M length

    Ultimately I started pressing lap button at the end of each length

    I have ended up with 9 laps

    1 of 900M

    1 of 175M for some reason then

    7 of 25M where I pressed the lap button

    Does anyone know what behaviour I should expect - both in terms of when the watch should prompt me to do something, when or if I should press the lap button - and what it should then show in Connect?


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    In regular swimming (not using a preloaded workout), you need to press Lap when you stop swimming and start resting, and then press Lap again when you resume swimming. Basically, Lap toggles you between rest mode (dark background, light text) and swim mode (light background, dark text).

    When you are doing a swim workout created on Garmin Connect, you still need to press Lap at the end of your swim interval (at the start of your rest). Whether you need to press it as you start your next swim interval depends on how you set up your workout. If you have a timed rest interval, then the watch will count you in to your next interval when your rest is over ("3", "2", "1" with buzzing). If you created rest intervals that end "On Lap Button Press", then you need to press Lap to end your rest and resume swimming.


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      gildenhuys I haven't created rest intervals - I had expected it to work like a run workout where if I create the interval with a duration of time or distance then as soon as I reach that time or distance it immediately starts the next interval without any lap button press. That doesn't seem to be how it works. Are you saying that even though each of my intervals is based on distance and despite me having no rest intervals set that I still need to press buttons?