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GPS errors at start of runs. Can see it on the map.

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    610 vs 405

    Today I mad my first run with my new 610. For testing I wore my old 405 at the same time. After 11000m on the tartan track my 405 showed 11'000m, my new 610 11'550m ! (405 was correct). I simply can't believe that. I'm really disappointed. Please Garmin, provide a fix for this nasty bug soon.


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      fr 610 vs 110 - test 2

      Today I introduced some changes in the tes and I got surprising results:

      fr 610 : Vibration alert off./tapping the screen only at start ( not at each lap)

      fr 110 : 5,83 km
      fr 610: 5,83 km

      At each lap (1 km) the both units were pretty close, sometimes the fr 610 was ahead and others the fr 110, but the difference was only 20-30 metres.

      In next runs I will repeat this test with vibration off and tapping only at start to see I get such good results.


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        Davlopx6 - Interesting. Unfortunately, the vibration alert is a huge selling point of the 610. Maybe one run I'll turn off vibration alert.


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          dcv202 - totally agree with you about the vibration alert.

          The fact that maybe we can find a homemade solution to get good results must not affect our request to Garmin to fix this problem asap.

          It's early to say if vibration could be the problem, more tests needed, if so I wonder if then can be a problem of hardware and not software.


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            Well I think the start bug popped up on my watch today even with me tapping away. It took about 100+m for it to even register distance or pace and my normally 12.50-12.52 mile run came in at 12.38 miles. (Insert: you know that's within the 1-2% GPS tolerance error replies, blah, blah, blah). Distance was consistently off most of the run, but especially the first mile which I think was at least 0.05 miles short (hence the taking forever for it to actually register distance).

            So Garmin are you ever going to let us know about this bug? You've acknowledged it, you found some quirky fix that is annoying and now doesn't seem to work most of the times.

            I don't care if you say "There's nothing we can do.". Or "It's hardware based, you need to shut X and Y off". Just throw us a bone here.

            I miss my 305.