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Racing an activity from another device

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  • Racing an activity from another device

    I would like to race an activity that was recorded with a Fenix 2, but is that supported at all? The activity is a FIT file from a Fenix 2, copied to the FR935 via USB. When viewed from the history on the FR935, the activity does not have heart rate or pace information in it (but running dynamics information and map are there). Because there is no pace, racing it won't work. Viewing the laps makes the FR935 reboot. Is there a way to recode this old FIT file such that the FR935 can handle it?

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    hi Twinaxx, you did put the file in the newfiles folder

    was it the original fit file
    upload the fit file here in the forum or use the FFRT tool to recode


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      Upload to GC, convert to a Course, then Send to your device


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        Thanks for the ideas; both work, rewriting the FIT file and saving as a course. Happy!