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9.10 update - All day stress changes

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  • 9.10 update - All day stress changes

    Hi all.
    After the 9.10 update all day stress metric has changed in a big way.
    Before the update the lowest score I have had since Oct 17 was the last 2 days have been 10 and 13!
    I would love for this to be true but I lnow it is not.
    Anyone else noticed this anomaly?

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    My stress values changed dramatically with the 9.10 update as well, though in my case I think the change makes for a more realistic measure. Prior to the update, the stress measurements taken while I was sleeping seemed absurdly high - indeed, sleep time was often the most stressful time of my day according to Garmin (and who knows, maybe it was right and I have sleep apnea or something like that - not sure). But post-9.10 update, I'm seeing mainly "blue" for the times where I'm asleep, and orange for times when I'm awake & busy, which of course makes intuitive sense.

    So for me, the all day stress indicator seems accurate now, compared to before the update, in terms of giving me an absolute stress value or number. Normal values pre-update were in the 50s and 60s for a typical day, and now I'm down in the 20s. On the other hand, I mainly just look at all day stress as a relative indicator, and in that sense nothing has really changed since the update - I tend to agree that days that the Garmin tells me are relatively stressful really are. But like I said, the biggest change is that my sleep periods seem more accurately measured.


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      Previously my normal days were 25 to 40, Stressed days were 40 to 50.
      Blood vessel bursting stress days were upward of 50 (not many but one day hit 60)
      Zen days were 20 to 25.
      I would need to be sedated to get a score of 10!
      During the previous months the ‘summary statement’ that stated the level of rest/stress that the user has had during the day were more or less spot on.... but now it seems that I will have ‘plenty of rest moments’ even when I know that I have not had any.
      If the statements change to reflect the moving of the datum then I can accept the change but if they don’t then the all day stress can only be taken as a relative number that isn’t of much use to me. I would rather an over estimation of stress rather than an underestimation. It never hurt anyone to chill out.
      Maybe it will work itself out?


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        Stress is not working. When you have a recored activity and your heartrate was never south of 141bpm and you're getting "resting" marks interspersed in there... There's a problem. And it's not the OHRM, I did that workout wearing my HRM-Tri. It's the update and how it's interpreting stress. Every time, I swear garmin you fix or change something--and then you break something else.
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          jstpassaro I don't think it's a matter of Garmin fixing or changing something and breaking something else. I say this because 1.) Two people; you and the OP are the only one's posting an issue, and 2.) I just completed a run with a HRM-Tri (actually several since updating to FW 9.10) and my stress graph reflects this. If Garmin broke it, the same update everyone else received would have broken mine too. I'm not telling anyone the problem doesn't exist, I'm suggesting maybe looking elsewhere to solve the issue other than saying the firmware did it. Maybe it's something downloaded or a setting that's causing the issue since the recent update?
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            Hi all,

            This is what Garmin have changed according to their summary of fixes provided by 9.10
            • Fixed an issue preventing some periods of rest from being correctly detected in all-day stress measurements.
            I have had a good look at my settings and I can’t see anything that could be causing this for me. I only have Garmin software installed. I don’t use a Tri HRM so I only have wrist HRM doing the data collection. Maybe the watch will learn over time but for me it seems that the all day stress measurement is not an accurate reflection of my daily stress any more. It seems that the metric now underestimates low stress and/or overestimates periods of rest, as if it has turned periods of low stress into rest.
            I probably wouldn’t have noticed if it were not for the fact that I use this metric a lot recently in an effort to measure and reduce my stress reactions. If the watch doesn’t ‘learn’ and change then every day will now be a restfull day whether I am in a meditation retreat or doing hours of training.
            Everything was great until I got the update and everything is not great after applying the update...... make of that what you will but it does seem to be a suspicious coincidence to say the least.

            Yesterday was 20; I thought the watch was learning. Today I’m on 12 after 6 hrs of sleep and a day that would have been well above 30 for stress before the update. Could it be that the 9.10 update has opened me a portal to Nirvana and I have actually achieved Enlightenment? I think not but you never know!



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              I was under the impression that when you did an activity, with either the OHR or a chest strap that the stress function does not actually show you any data. I just get a relevant activity symbol and grey space. I would generally expect higher stress when running and cycling due to elevated HR.