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    Originally posted by ActiveBeach View Post
    It does not need to be accurate for my use.
    To reiterate what Phil asked, what's the point? I've read over and over again in these forums of people saying that they realize or don't care that the oHRM data isn't accurate for swimming, but they still want it anyway. Isn't it a safe assumption on my part that you purchased a 935 because the data it provides is meaningful and important to you? If it is, why do you want meaningless data? If it's not important to you, why use a sports watch of any kind? It's as ridiculous as wanting a watch, but if the time isn't accurate that's OK too.


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      I use the hrm-tri and when i stop after a lap, when the strap is out of the water, it syncs with the watch and i can see my HR on the watch. Works for me. The hrm-tri is a well invested product. It gives you a lot of data when you run too.