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HRM-RUN sensor not showing HR

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  • HRM-RUN sensor not showing HR

    My HRM-RUN sensor that came originally with the watch has an issue that leads to HR not being shown on the watch. All the running dynamics features still work properly, there is only the issue with HR. I did try another sensor on the same chest strap and it worked perfectly. I also did try to removing the battery for a prolonged period of time without any luck. Has anybody else faced a similar issue? Is there a solution for that other than buying a new sensor?

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    Replace battery, wash strap. If still no good contact support or purchase replacement. I haven't seen this reported before.


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      same happened here with the HRM-RUN v1 that comes with 920xt. maybe a broken wire/contact that comes from one or both the clips, inside the sensor. contacted support, replaced during warranty with a new HRM-RUN (the "red" one).