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SOLVED How to charge Garmin 920XT during activity

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  • SOLVED How to charge Garmin 920XT during activity

    One of the most asked features from ultrarunners: How to charge Garmin 920XT during activity. SOLVED!
    Press the power button - clip the watch into the charger and at the same time keep pressing the power button until you see the screen to turn your watch on/off. Don’t turn it off. And that’s the trick. It works like a charm.
    Watch this video how to do it.

    I wonder, are the Garmin engineers aware of this trick?

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    thank you for posting...


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      I wouldn't call this solved. Best case scenario it's just a bad hack, if you're lucky to get the timing right. But most likely you're not and it is just going to terminate your activity.
      Have you tried doing it? I tried several times and I couldn't.

      I'd love to see you take the risk doing this on the trail or while riding a bike.


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        I had no issue, I managed to do it on the second try. Only failed on the first try because I allowed the watch to touch the charging contacts before I pressed the power button.

        And no need to do it during the workout: this is something that could easily be done at the start of the workout.

        Ivan MacKenzie.


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          If you are in race less than 10 hours, you do not need this trick. To charge watch during an activity is needed only in ultracompetition.
          During a pause and in ultra you have always pauses to put this on.

          Keep in mind, that if you clip the charger before starting activity, you cannot start the activity. Your activity must be started before you clip the watch into a charger.


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            I tried it like 10 times and I can't get it to work. For me it always terminates the activity and shows the charging screen. I tried holding the power button less, more, I tried variations, but I couldn't get it to work. I tried with a running activity active.

            I'm on the latest Software version 9.4, and GPS version 3.1


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              just tried is working on FW 9.40 GPS 3.10

              while pressing the power button, you can push the watch down into the clip before the menu power off shows up while holding the power off button

              as mentioned before...needs a little bit time before mastering the trick


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                My watch has software version 9.40 and GPS 3.10.
                Actually I tried this trick only with this nevest firmware because I just found this trick 3 days ago.


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                  WOW! It works, thanks a lot. This was the only feature I missed from my 920xt.