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Warning every km with the right number

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  • Warning every km with the right number

    Hello there,

    I'm a proud owner of a 645 coming from a TT Runner 3. I've got a question, with my TT I was getting a warning every km with the Amount of km's and the time of the last km. I've tried to get that on my new 645 but what I've get is a big number 1 and the time of the last km. Even after a few km's it is still showing that 1. Isn't it possible to see the number of km's? Sow after for example 6 km I want a 6 and the time of the last km.

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    Well I'm not 100% sure but it always says (when you set 1lap=1km) eg "Lap 6, 5minutes 32seconds" ...


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      If I understand correctly, you are describing what is shown on the watch screen, yes?
      Can you tell us what you hear through the headphones? I have laps set every 1 km and I hear (as filip above) e.g. Lap "4, 5 minutes 15 seconds". I don't think I've ever looked at the screen, since I've just been prompted audibly, but I can check tonight when I run.


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        I don't have a music version so no headphone connected. Can I get audio notifications from my connected phone?
        But I mean on the screen, it's the number of laps but if you hear it you should think that it's possible to see it. So much functions and the manual is not always clear about things


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          well as I said ... this information is also visible on the screen. first row - second lap - second km


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            I will try to help you setting up your device. The screen on the picture (with the black screen) appears when the watch makes a Lap and then returns to the
            "normal" screen... So you can set up this screen...

            Press START bottom... select RUN (but don't press start... on the activity menu) and hold the UP bottom... Select RUN CONFIGURATION Go to AUTO LAP menu and press START to enter in this feature... So see if AUTO LAP is ON... then AUTO LAP 1Km... Then here is where you want to be... LAP ALERTS... So my watch is set to Main Field is LAP TIME and and Secondary field is Time from activity... And the third option you can see how your set up is configured... So it will have 3 fields... on the TOP is the Lap number... the middle is the Lap time and the bottom will be the total time...

            Another think you can do (and i recommend) is to add a data field on the watch with the LAP... so when you are running you can change to this screen and see ˜Lap 13"so you know that you are at Km 13... And during intervals I set the Auto Lap off and then i know for example Lap 1 will be warm-up... than Lap 2, 4, 6 ,8 ,10 will be repetition and lap 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 will be recovery... So you can set up your watch the way you want :P

            I hope I could help... IF this is not hat you want, send another message with the way you want to configure so I can try to help you
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              I did a run today and it worked !! Thnx people!!!
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                what was wrong?