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    I have been looking at Bluetooth running headphones for the F645. I have Apple AirPods but the connection isn’t perfect. I tried Ankers but the sound was mediocre and lacked bass, also they made a booming noise with each foot fall and the cable felt like it was knocking against the back of my head.

    I’m current looking at Bose SoundSport Free which I have listened to, and the new Jaybird Tarah Pro. I’m a bit but off my the size of the Bose and the buttons are hard to press when you are running so I guess they are designed more for the gym.

    Has anyone used Jaybirds with the 645? Is the connection strong enough?

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    I have a Jaybird X3 and I use it with the "regular" set up (not the "sport" way over the ear) and I use the FR 645M on my left wrist... My watch is with FW 4.20 and I have no problems with BT connection... During intervals when I'm walking sometimes I have a very short cut... but during running and "normal" arm balance I have not a single cut with X3...


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      I've read some good reviews on the Tarah Pro but I can't find any online in the UK yet.


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        scotthunter2 you might want to look at this thread if you haven't already.
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