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Ultramarathon and battery life

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  • Ultramarathon and battery life

    Hi all,

    After almost 6 months of wearing it, I am quite happy with the 645M (despite the initial hiccups) and haven't had many problems with the watch so far.

    In about 2 months, I will be doing a 50milers trail marathon, which should take me around 16/17 hours. I plan to put the watch on the lowest battery settings (gps only, no bluetooth, smart tracking, etc...)

    Has anyone attempted to stretch the battery life this long?


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    minhboo According to the specs, you can get up to 14 hrs GPS without music. So, unless you have a way to recharge the watch during this marathon it's not going to last.


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      You could use ultratrac GPS mode to increase battery life, but would affect track precision.
      if it's not a problem to you, this is the solution, without the need to recharge during the race


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        For more than 10hours of gps mode I would not rely on the battery life. You should take a charger or put into ultratrac as mentioned. I have experience, that with ultratrack it can last for approx. 20hours at least.


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          ultra track is mega sh!t I think you will need precise mileage counting during race (aid stations etc) so I would recommend you small power-bank. I also tried run while watches were charged on my wrist and it's possible... not comfortable but possible. Good luck


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            Thanks for the replies! Yes - I think I will try to "run" while charging; might be a bit uncomfortable, but worth the accuracy. Will report back!


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              minhboo It sounds like the community has already helped you tackle this one but I'd like to weigh in that using UltraTrac with optical heart rate off will result in the maximum battery life, admittedly, with some drop off in GPS accuracy. Good luck on the 50 miler and I hope your training has been going well!