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Software version 4.10 changes

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  • Software version 4.10 changes

    “Changes made to support manufacturing”
    What does this mean?

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    That they are in fact able to bring back the "Death of triangle" and a very unstable version back to the watch. it died literally in the afternoon with this push...sick of this beta watch!


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      Would I also be interested in what that means?


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        Originally posted by RoNNoS View Post
        Would I also be interested in what that means?
        It just means they changed the hardware in the watch (or plan to), and this firmware supports it. Weird thing to put in patch notes that doesn't affect users, but whatever.


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          Forerunner 645- Changes from 4.00 to 4.10:
          • Fix shutdown that occurred when using the music widget
          • Changes made to support manufacturing

          The music widget? This is for the non-music version, so how does this make sense?


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            Does it not refer to controlling the music on your phone?


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              Yes in the 645noMusic it s the control app of phone music.
              In the firmware 4.00 if u start the app, the watch rebooting —_—"


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                Anyway, does this new update works or it crashes the watch? I'm still on 4.0 version because I don't use music control widget and i don't know if it's worth for me upgrading or not.