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IHeartRadio radio questions

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  • IHeartRadio radio questions

    For some reason I am unable to find out much about IHEARTRADIO. Downloaded the app, would like to know how much a month to get stations without commercials and will the 645M allow easy download/ access? I picked up a Fitnit Ionic a couple of months ago and sadly can only download 3 stations from Pandora and it was a PIA to get the stations onto the watch. Several hours and continually playing the stations on another device, while deleting stuff to get 3 stations. Not a neophyte runner , but truly new to running with music. This after nearly 42 years of running. I have been using Aftershoks Titanium bone sound head set, works great. I have pre- ordered the 645M. Thanks for info. Nicki

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    Not supported over here in the UK it seems so am going to be of no help here.