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Affichage vitesse sur Garmin connect

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  • Affichage vitesse sur Garmin connect

    Comment faire afficher la vitesse en km/h sur les rapports dans Garmin Connect ?

    ( elle s'affiche en mn/km )


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    In case there's a non-French speaker who knows the answer to this question - he wants to know how to display speed instead of pace in Garmin Connect.

    I'm looking at it and I can't find how, either. It looks like all my bike rides display speed and all my runs display pace. Changing the sport after upload doesn't affect the display.


    (in the meantime - on peut employer Garmin Training Center, et choisir allure au lieu de vitesse sous le menu... je ne sais pas, en anglais c'est "View" - la troisième choix... )
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      1. Choose the sport for which you want to change pace/speed.
      2. Use the menu: Settings > (Run/Bike/Other) Settings > Pace/speed
      3. Now you are able to choose whether you want to use speed or pace for the selected sport.

      I hope that it will help.


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        I don't see that menu. When I click Settings, I see the following:

        Personal Information
        Display Preferences
        Training Zones
        Default Privacy
        Account Information
        Device Settings

        "Display Preferences" gives me the opportunity to select statute vs. metric, but not pace vs. speed. "Training Zones" has separate zones for running, cycling and other, but they're only HR zones, not speed/pace zones. Are you clicking the "Settings" button at the top right, right after your screen name? Or is there another Settings menu someplace else I'm missing?


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          I am sorry that I didn't explain clear enough. The menu I am talking about is in the FR310XT, not in Garmin Connect. If you configure FR310XT to display the right units (speed/pace) for each sport, Garmin Connect will show you the correct units automatically when you upload your activities.

          I hope that will make things clear.


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            For activities that are already in Garmin Connect that you would to display pace instead of speed, you can change the activity type to a running/walking type activity. You can do this by going to Activities > Quick Edit > Activity Type > then choose anything with walking or running. You can also do this from the details page by clicking on the pencil icon and then changing the activity type.



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              There are actually two more steps. After changing the activity type, you then have to hit save (which I'd done) and then reload (which I hadn't, which is why I couldn't get it to work before).

              So.... Mango, comprenez-vous? Mon français ne suffit pas de traduire tout ça...