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Data logged and graphed when watch is stopped

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  • Data logged and graphed when watch is stopped

    Just noticed a funny thing with my 310XT data from today's run:

    I stopped my watch (using the start/stop button) for a few minutes twice during the run while I went into shops. The graph of the run (in TC and Garmin Connect) shows the speed and HR information during the period when the watch was stopped!

    The actual run time was 56 minutes, and the totals and averages are all correct, but the graph goes out to 1:06 and displays the data during the period when the watch was stopped. Why? My 305 didn't do this, I've looked back at other 310XT runs now and they are the same.

    Any ideas gratefully received.

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    Since the Garmin actually stores time-of-day times, not just exercise time, for each data point, their software seems to always include these down/stop times in the graph. The totals you see will not reflect this stop time and are just the numbers that the unit recorded. It doesn't do any re-calculation as 3rd party programs often do. The .TCX data files actually don't store enough data to know when the thing is stopped. You can make an educated guess by looking at the data but there is no way to know just how long the last data point is before hitting the stop button.

    Various 3rd party software deals with this differently. Training Peaks (at least it used to) dealt really poorly with these breaks. If I had my unit on auto pause and came to a stop light and waited for 30 seconds, TP would sometimes think I generated 600 watts for the whole 30 seconds I was stopped because that is what the watch would record for the first data point when I start up again as I stood out of the saddle. Note that TP and Sport Tracks tend to calculate values from the raw data points and this is where this can really get problematic if they aren't really careful with how they analyze the raw data.