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Upload to two versions of GTC?

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  • Upload to two versions of GTC?

    Okay this is a geeky question I know. But I've been using both GTC for Mac and Windows. It's easier for me to write my custom workouts on the native Mac side, and to launch that app quickly if I just want to refer back to something - but then it's nice to have the follow-along display that the Windows version has, as well.

    With my 301 and my 705 I can upload history to both versions. With the 310XT, apparently the unit marks history as "read" and will upload it only to whichever version sees it first. SportTracks (which is the main reason I even use Windows) still works fine regardless of where I upload first.

    Is there a way to get my runs into both versions of GTC?

    ETA: just out of curiosity, I tried to upload one of the runs to Garmin Connect as well, and it won't take there, either. I get one shot. Obviously they're still on the unit since I can get them into SportTracks.
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    I do this. Have to go into the unit, under History and select 'transfer all' - provided you have not elected to delete the activity on the first upload. I have Mac ANT set to upload, and Windows ANT set to upload and delete.

    Another way is to download Dropbox - and link from both Windows and Mac. You can then export your history from the Mac into your dropbox folder, boot into Windows and import the data into GTC there.

    I use this to maintain SportTracks data on my laptop and iMac amongst other things.


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      Got it, thanks.


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        You could skip the step of exporting your data from GTC (Mac or PC) and just get the data your unit has uploaded to your computer. Details of where this info is stored can be found here:

        My GC Digest


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          Hmmm, it seems I have to re-select Transfer All every time I upload. Is that right?