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  • Love it!

    I received my 310xt last Friday. What an improvement over the 205! Fast satellite lock, lots of spare battery capacity, to mention just a few of the things I've noticed so far.

    Prof M

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    I also like the large display (4 data items) and the vibrating alerts.

    I used to have a 405 and am so happy I replaced it with the 310XT.


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      That vibrating alert takes alittle getting used to. The first few times I felt it I thought my carpel tunnel was returning!


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        I have had mine for 6 weeks now. This is hands down the best running/hiking/almost any sport watch I have had. I am a long time Polar user and I have set my RS800 and CS600 on a shelf where they are collecting dust. Sure there are still some issues, and it would be nice to have it a bit smaller, but it is just so much better than my RS800. I can actually go for a run and have reasonable confidence in the distance regardless of my pace or length of workout. Too bad it doesn't get HR in the water but it tracks the GPS better than I expected (I had low expectations). Sure the distance is way off but I can easily check that by pulling up the track in Google Earth and approximating the turns. Ironman Canada showed exactly 2.4 miles. On the run with auto-lap set to 1 mile, it beeped within 15 feet of the actual mile markers every time. I still generally use my Edge705 on the bike for the display size and maps but the distance on winding mountain bike trails in the trees is actually more accurate on the 310 than the Edge (both using GPS distance). Go figure. Sure there are a bunch of things I'd love to see Garmin add/improve, but it really is hard to complain given all that it does do well.