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Where is Pace in Custom Workout?

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  • Where is Pace in Custom Workout?

    In run settings the watch gives a choice between Pace and Speed. It says that it changes the data on the following pages... this includes Custom Workout. However, when I go to Custom Workout it only gives me the option for Speed. What I really want to do is put in a Pace range to work in, I can do this with speed but can't really be bothered to work out conversion from pace to speed on the go, also when the watch has already said it is an option.

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    Look under View on the menu bar:
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      Thanks for the info, sorry, but the image won't open, it just takes me to another sign in Garmin page that won't let me sign in. I've checked on every area of the watch and there is no option for View. I changed the option that was speed and pace for pace but it didn't change anything.

      Anyway, the watch has bigger problems than that as I upgraded to 2.6 and it won't charge. It just turns itself on and off at random moments. I'm tired off shouting at it. It's getting sent back in the morning if I can resist the temptation to place it on a a very hard surface and repeatedly hit it really hard with large solid objects.


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        My mistake. I thought you were referring to Garmin Trainning Centre (GTC).

        Make sure you have Running selected as your activity on the device, then change the setting to show pace.

        I generally set my workouts up in GTC and send them to the device.

        Are you sure that the 'turning on and off' is not the device/ANT Agen trying to communicate? Open up ANT Agent and have a look to see if there is anything going on.

        There are posts on the forum about the device not charging. If you have any data on it that you don't mind losing, try a hard reset. Seems to be a cure for most everything.


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          Thanks for the help. I've tried everything over the last couple of days but it won't even turn on now. I called Garmin today and got a return number off them so I'll send it back tomorrow. The guy on the phone was pretty cool about it and dealt with it with no fuss so hopefully I can get a replacement and give it another go.