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Uploading workouts from GTC

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  • Uploading workouts from GTC

    Can I not do this any more?

    I don't want to have to do everything on the web. (Really I'd rather if none of my workout data were on the web.)

    But I have several custom workouts that I wrote for my 301, and they won't transfer to the 310.

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    There are some issues with the workouts not scheduling, but otherwise they load fine to the 310 from WIndoze or OS X. Unless you are asking the 310 to do something that the 301 can do but the 310 can't, or the format is different, there should not be any problem.

    Have you tried? If you are on a Mac you will need GTC3.0.0.4 beta as the early version of GTC did not work sending workouts to the 310.

    BTW you can only upload activity data to the web. You cannot upload, download or create workouts for any device. To do that you need GTC or SportTracks with the appropriate plug-in


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      Ah, okay - beta releases kind of scare me. I'd been trying it on the Mac side with 2.1.8 and nothing was happening. Once I got the driver release issue figured out on the Parallels/Windoze side, it worked fine over there.