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Losing Custom Workouts in 310XT?

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  • Losing Custom Workouts in 310XT?

    Have two issues hope someone can help me on.

    1) Went on run yesterday with friend who has 305 (I have the 310xt). Before our run, she set up custom workout on my watch to show me how it is done. During the run, it worked great. After we were finished, she showed me her split times on her watch, etc.., yet neither she nor I could find that data in my 310xt. However that data did upload to my computer when I got home. How come I cannot see any workout data after runs before uploading (appear fine in Garmn Connect), on the watch? (History button shows no history. Do I have something set up wrong?

    2) Somehow after turning watch off, then back on today, I went to workouts, and her custom workout on my watch was gone. I dont know why. But she inspired me to add my own custom workouts, so I painstakenly added a few tonight, walked in the computer room, noticed my watch said transferring data. Now once again my custom workouts I set up are gone.

    FRUSTRATING to say the least. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?


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    Not sure about question 2 BUT 1 is new feature/bug of the 310XT. The workout has to be finalised for it to appear.

    1) Stop the workout using the start/stop button
    2) Press and hold the lap button until the countdown drops past 0
    3) Voila. Workout appears in the workout screen.



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      must be years, when I've done a custom workout the last time and I'm a TC user - so maybe these answers are not suitable for you, hopefully they will help ...

      • the FR305 history will show data even for the current (active) run, the FR310 does not -- to get more detailed informations for your run on the FR310, you have to press "Lap" for 2 seconds or so. Hopefully you see all things you need. If this is, what you already have done - sorry for the wrong answer

      • I use the TC, where I am able to select "download from FR310" or "send to FR310", this helps to select the direction of synchronization -- maybe you have more success using the Training Center