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Multisport Mode-Go "back" if accidently press lap button?

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  • Multisport Mode-Go "back" if accidently press lap button?

    In multisport mode for a triathlon we use the lap button to move from Swim to T1 to Bike to T2 to Run. However, if we accidentally hit the lap button when we didn't mean to, we are hosed for the rest of the race! Is there a way to "undo" a lap press or hit a button to tell the 310xt that I'm really not yet at T1 or the bike or whatever. I realize we can lock the buttons to avoid accidentally hitting a button. However, then one has to unlock at each switch, which we may forget to do as well, particularly as we are delirious after a 2.4 mile swim or 112 mile bike, etc. ! Thanks.

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    agreed; would love an undo option. this happened to me at ironman canada last week. i accidentally pressed lap with my bike special needs bag. sucked.


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      Have not had this happen but ......... + 1 for the good idea. Can see how this would benefit.


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        I had my fenix 3 knocked 250m into a 1900m swim, I'm looking for a way to change the T1 "marker point" so I can correctly mark the T1 start.

        anyone know how to do this?


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          The Fit File Repair Tool

          You can edit any part of any FIT file.
          Don Huston
          San Diego, CA.
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