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310XT and Bike Usage? More than 1 Bike?

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  • 310XT and Bike Usage? More than 1 Bike?

    Hi there,
    anyone out there who is using the 310XT on a Bike?
    Is it possible to have 2 bikes connected to the 310XT (not in parallel!), so for example my MTB and my Road Bike?
    If yes, will they show up differently in the Garmin SW?
    So that I can make different views, analysis of my tours, progress on MTB vs. Road Bike vs. Running?


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    Sure a point Starting point is to press and hold 'Mode' until the list of activities comes up - Running, Bike1, Bike2, Bike3, Other. Go from there.
    Representation on GC or GTC is not so good as you will only get a bike uploaded. You'll need something else to do the analysis you are after.


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      As PHILIPSHAMBROOK noted, you can do it on the device but the Garmin software doesn't know/show the difference. To the TC and GC, they are all just "Bike". Also, you can't customize the display fields in the Forerunner to each bike. All bikes share the same field layout.