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  • Elevation gain

    I suspect that the "elevation gain" readings I'm getting from my 310XT are pretty inaccurate. For a while now I've been getting high readings for some runs which seemed quite flat. "Okay," I thought, maybe I'm just not as good as gauging these things as I thought. But now that I've settled into a few regular routes, I've also noticed that I get noticably different readings for the same runs. For instance, my (9/6) run yielded a 1,401 ft elevation gain, while my (9/9) run yielded a 2,022 elevation gain--this despite the fact that my (9/6) route is exactly like my (9/9) run, with an additional 1.5 miles tacked onto the end. Am I missing something here?

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    There are already a couple threads on this. Bottom line, without barometric pressure, the 310 is pretty useless for ascent. Current altitude is generally within 100', but can swing by this amount while your standing still.


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      This is a problem with ANY gps that does not have a barometric altimeter, not just the 310.