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Ant Agent stuck on searching for devices

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  • Ant Agent stuck on searching for devices

    Hi All
    Recently bought a 310xt, and did a couple of workouts. Uploaded data, but I did not ask for the data to be sent to Garmin Connect. So I now have a bunch of these TCX files in the History directory.
    Two questions:
    1. How do I upload the TCX files into Garmin Connect retrospectively? I never seem to get the device settings panel up again that allows this option to be tabbed.
    2. The Ant Agent seems to be stuck on"Searching for Devices". When I create a dummy training dataset it will very briefly connect, and download a little TCX file, but otherwise nothing.

    All assistance would be gratefully appreciated. It's a bit depressing to buy something so expensive and have it fall at the first hurdle.



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    Some of these issues may be resoved with the latest firmware update. Also, make sure you have the latest ANT Agent and communicator plugin. Check those and let us know how it goes.
    Phil M.
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